We believe that community is the key to making change happen. We’re building a company that encourages this bridge between individuals and we think technology is the starting point.


We are using technology for good to make real connections possible. There are so many barriers to creating deep connection. We want it to be about more than just a paycheck, it should be about working together on things of meaning and purpose.


Balance is about how we give back to the earth and to ourselves. Sometimes we are so caught up in work that we forget to ask what are we working for? What does our daily life look like? Do we even have time to think about mother earth? It’s about one conscious decision at a time.


We are optimistic about the future. If we all make small changes, they add up to huge shifts. This is how we will save the planet. Sometimes all you need is the right tool. We are here to help.


We are at a critical moment in our earth’s existence. If we want to continue living on this planet, we have to make a change today.


Yes it’s the age old quest! We are all seeking it and we only have this life to find it. Let’s start now. Together. We know that is has something to do with remembering that inside we are all the same and that connection is very, very important. Looking after each other in our roles as stewards of this planet, is the most important thing we can do.

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