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We want this biz to take off and spread all over the planet to create community and happiness.
This feature is not live on the site yet, but as we grow, via your support, we will definitely update this. In the meantime, if you have a few jobs ready to post, please email us: info@wellmadejobs and we will be happy to accommodate your needs with a well deserved discount.
We love to offer discounts for good causes! Please email us: info@wellmadejobs and we will be happy to accommodate your needs with a well deserved discount.
Yes and yes. We've created a section under compensation just for these categories. Post away!
We get it. It's tough waiting when you'd like to see the responses start flowing in. We are a curated platform so It takes us a few hours to filter through each posting to ensure that it fits into the Wellmade ethos. Don’t worry though, it won’t be too much longer, and you'll get an email as soon as it’s live. Also not charges to your account are made until the job posting is approved.
You can access your posts through the My Account button once you've logged in. Don’t forget to sign in ;)
Yup. Visit MY ACCOUNT and go to the “job postings” tab. Click on the ‘Re-post’ button next to the previous job posting that you want to give another whirl. You’re welcome.
We hone in on job applicants with a committed, conscience, and motivated spirit but every job posting is different. The response rate depends on many factors.
Trust us: they’re out there. We hear from them every day. It could be the wrong timing or your job description may need a little tweaking. Either way, we invite you to re-post the job in MY ACCOUNT under the “job postings” tab.
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Yes please! Every new member helps us refine our evolving site and really helps the whole community, that we are building. It won’t take but a few mins of your time. We have added social media buttons to make it less painful. We promise not to share any of your personal info. And thanks!
Thats funny you should ask, seeing how many nut milk, chia shakes it took to get this site up and running! Our best buds over at Goodfoodjobs.com have that under control. Go check them out!
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal...and kisses.
For sure! Select the option to upload a file with your job description on the Post a Job page (right under the upload a file box).
Yeah Mercury is in retrograde….haha noooooo... it’s a joke. I think Mercury is always in Retrograde :) We know how anxious this time can be (trust us, we’ve been there!). It could take a little while to find the perfect fit, but keep the faith - new job postings are flowing in daily. And know that your email alerts will make sure you don’t miss them. Take the dog for a walk. Make a cuppa. We’ve got your back. The planet is looking after you!
Efy, our co-founder, is a graphic designer, thank you mother earth for giving her this skill! She also co-owns a web design company called webinhabit.com Her talents are a major part of the reason we were able to launch Wellmadejobs
Aww! It’s mutual. We’re still getting established and don’t have any paid positions on offer at the moment. But, of course, the moment we do they will be listed on our site. Stay tuned! And sign up, so you will be the first to be notified.
Well….bummer. Sorry for the annoyance. Please email us at info@wellmadejobs.com and we will get right on the problem and hopefully will have it sorted in a few hours. We love technology... and we hate technology….always and forever :)
Well thought out question! We are scheming on how to add that feature in the future. Right now the answer is not yet. We heart communication and we’re aiming to see it blossom between job posters and job seekers. Each job listing has contact information for the company. They’re waiting to hear from you...Go on!
That heart you see next to every job in the search results page is meant for you. Go ahead and press the gray heart next to every job that interests you. Feel free to heart as many jobs as you’d like. To reference the jobs next time, visit your Jobs I Heart section under My Account.
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Living the Wellmade Life

Megan Offner

Megan is the owner and co-founder of sustainable wood products company, New York Heartwoods in Kingston, NY. She must get her gumpture from growing up in Missoula, MT, be...
Living the Wellmade Life

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Kestrel Jenkins is the founder of AWEAR World, a platform that inspires us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of and who made them. Her podcast...

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