Our story

Wellmade Jobs is the manifestation of an ah-ha moment between Ambika Conroy and Efy Tal.

We met at a fiber shearing retreat at Ambika’s home in the Catskills. It was love at first sight and we were married that Fall :) No, but really...starting a biz together is pretty much the same thing. We became instant BFF’s and over the next few months realized we (Ambika fiber farmer/designer and Efy, website designer/developer) were the perfect match to fill this missing link between people looking for meaningful work and employers looking for great people.

Ambika is an Aussie that grew up in India and upstate NY. She raises sheep, goats and angora rabbits in the Catskills and is dedicated to creating happy conditions for all fiber animals. She hand shears, spins and crochets rabbit fiber into winter garments for Ambikaboutique. After working closely with many crafters and farmers for the past 15 years, she saw the need firsthand for fiber farmers to make a living wage.

Efy was raised in California and Israel. She owns a digital company that focuses on socially driven companies such as Good Food Jobs, Storycorp, Edible Magazine and New York Marathon. Efy believes in “slow” living in fast cities.  Before stepping into the technology world over a decade ago, she went to UC Berkeley and worked as a private chef while closely following the slow food movement.

We both spend time in nature and cities, seeking the perfect balance, that is the Wellmade life.


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